Nurturing elements and purifying body treatments promote tranquility and leave you a feeling of totally rejuvenated, gently relaxed and wonderfully invigorated. Nourish your face and body while promoting relaxation of the mind.

Our spa packages have been carefully designed to create various ways to escape the stress of everyday life. Treat yourself to a relaxing ritual , and redefine your mental and physical well-being, or pamper someone you love with the gift of rejuvenation.

Coconut Nourishing Experience

Revitalize your skin from head to toes! Renew your skin with a stimulating body exfoliation. Then, relax as expert therapist treats you with a relaxing comb inaction massage.

    • Nourishing Coconut Body Polish
    • Nourishing Coconut Aromatherapy
    • Nourishing Coconut Face Care
    • Nourishing Head Massage with Virgin Coconut Oil

Truly Jasmine Pampering

Jasmine is great for antidepressant; relaxes nerves, relieves muscle spasms and cramping. This uniquely designed package is specialized for calming your spiritual and relaxing your muscle.

    • Revitalizing Jasmine Body Scrub
    • Revitalizing Jasmine Body Wrap
    • Calming Jasmine Aromatherapy with Traditional Fire Cupping
    • Revitalizing Jasmine Face Care

Lavender Relaxing Experience

Embark on a journey as you go through a total eclipse of the body. The pack¬age starts from a lavender body polish to cleanse followed by a warm lavender oil relaxing aromatherapy and the healing scalp treatment. Complete the journey with a moisturizing face care.

    • Lavender Body Glow
    • Relaxing Aromatherapy
    • Healing Scalp Treatment
    • Moisturizing Face Care


Lavender Dreams Experience

Relax! Inhale the calming, balancing benefits of wild Lavender with an invigorating full body scrub, a warm cocooning wrap and a full body massage.


Mudita Spa Relaxing Journey

This amazing relaxing journey is designed by our Head of Spa to treat you to a relaxing combination massage and face care at the same time.

    • Foot Reflexology
    • Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage
    • Moisturizing Face Care

Mudita Spa Relieving Journey

Keep your doctor away by having our expert therapist at Mudita Spa to relieve your pain and stress from your entire body. After the treatment, your body will be totally refreshed.

    • Energizing Full Legs Massage
    • Stress Relieve Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
    • Healing Scalp Treatment

Mudita Spa Rejuvenating Journey

East & West Professional skin care of Kerstin Florian International (KFI) product contains 100% natural and active ingredients, exceptional botanicals, and synergic blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils. After the treatment, your skin will be totally clean, supple, moisturized and glow.

    • KFI-Thermal Mineral Exfoliating Body Scrub
    • KFI-Moor Mud Wrap & Spirulina Body Wrap
    • KFI-Correcting Detox Facial Treatment

Mudita Bliss

Indulge yourself in a truly romantic spa experience with your beloved one! The designed package is recommended for any sweet couple who wish to have a romantic treatment in a private room. The package includes:

    • Private Herbal Steam
    • KFI-Chamomile Body Scrub
    • KFI-Moor Mud Body Wrap and KFI-Face Care
    • Romantic Aromatherapy
    • Romantic Essence Bath
    • Fruit Platter and Two Glasses of Red Wine
(Couple price)

Notice: If you prefer private violinist, there will be an extra charge of USD30 on top of the treatment price.