In this method of hair removal, cold or warm wax is applied to the skin and strips of cloth are placed on top of the wax. After a few seconds (once the wax has adhered to the skin), the cloth is pulled off, taking the wax and the unwanted hair with it. Many find that hair grows finer and sparser over time and waxing becomes easier.

    Bikini USD35
    Legs (half) & Knee USD20
    Legs (half) & Bikini USD40
    Legs (half upper) USD23
    Legs (full) USD33
    Legs (full) & Bikini USD50
    Lips USD10
    Chin USD15
    Sides of Face USD25
    Lips & Chin USD20
    Lips, Chin & Sides of Face USD30
    Underarms USD15
    Arms (half) USD15
    Arms (full) USD30

    Male Preference

    Chest USD25
    Tummy USD25
    Chest & Tummy USD35
    Shoulders USD18
    Back (full) USD45
    Back (half) USD35