We have created treatment, rituals-ceremonials, for the beauty and wellbeing of the feet and hands. Be Karuna “compassion" in having healthy feet is vital for your overall health, they are our foundation, and you can achieve or maintain healthy feet just by caring them in a regular basis. Regular care will help you to avoid future problems, which is why Mudita Spa has created hands and feet rejuvenating treatment.

  • Medical approach: Eliminates any nail problem or thickening of the epidermis.
  • The beauty of the nails: Shape and homogeneity are restored. With a unique nail buffing, your nails become more naturally shiny. Perfect for professionalism of lifestyle!
  • A wellbeing sensation: Massage from knees to toes with immediate effect, and it is best to relieve foot pain after spending your day walking during temple tour.

Express Pedicure

The feet are first soaked in a warm salt bath. Thereupon, nails are trimmed, shaped, and buffed; cuticles are cut, heals are scrubbed. The feet and calves are then massaged with lotion. Lastly, nail polish of the customer's choice is applied


Express Manicure

Includes buff, shape, cuticle trim. There is also exfoliation forearm hand massage. Extra strength nail hardener is applied to protect the nails for the toughest of house choirs or recreational events, followed by nail polish of your choice.


Organic Signature Invigorating Citrus Pedicure

A soaking footbath containing lime slices mixed with botanical oil, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and lavender leaves begin the treatment. Thereupon, a potion containing herbal salt and citrus oil is used to massage from knees to toes to exfoliate the skin.

Then, paraffin masque is applied. Lastly, an exotic blended with mysterious essential oils, is deeply massaged into the muscles from knees to toes.

*15% discount offer for the next visit for any spa treatment in the menu.

Organic Anti-Fungal Pedicure

Using herbal green tea and lemon ­ grass soak in treatment which provides the known benefits of natural antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal, as well as a clean, refreshing scent. Foot scrub followed by optional thermal mask or energizing masque to draw impurity and encourage circulation.

*20% discount offer on the next visit for any spa treatment in the menu.

Spa Hand Treatment

We start by meticulously grooming your nails and cuticles, followed by a gentle buffing with an aromatherapy exfoliating scrub and paraffin treatment to banish dry and dull skin. Then, we massage your hands with a rich and decadent moisture cream, before applying the polish of your choice.